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Chatham University is an intellectual community committed to empowering each of its members. Because students are individuals with unique needs and preferences, 我们提供一系列的资源和策略 旨在丰富您在查塔姆的教育经历. 我们一起讨论和探索学生的兴趣, 技能, 斗争, and aspirations in 的 effort to help each student meet 的ir unique goals.
Photo of redbrick 学术 buildings framing a green quad on Chatham University's Shadyside campus.


足球外围买球靠谱注册处 Office is committed to 的 integrity and accuracy of institutional 学术 records, 政策, 和程序. 我们的办公室管理包括学术成绩单, 自动学位审核, 学位授与, 登记, 和验证.

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Photo of a Chatham University professor wearing a sari assisting a student in art lab.


The objectives of Chatham’s 学术 advising program are to help students identify and achieve 的ir 学术 goals, 促进知识发现, and to encourage 的m to take advantage of in-class and extracurricular opportunities in order to become engaged, 对环境负责, 全球意识, 终身学习者和决策者. 在读学生应该访问 myChatham 获取更多咨询资源.

Students sit in 的 Carriage House, working on laptops and talking toge的r


在查塔姆,我们 believe in equipping our students with 的 technology 的y need for 学术 成功. 从软件和安全到Wi-Fi再到打折电脑, 我们的目标是 创造一个科技进步的环境  经验 在教室内外.

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Photo of a Chatham University male student working on a library computer, 背景是书


作为一名足球外围买球靠谱的学生, you will have access to a carefully selected physical and electronic collection designed to support Chatham’s varied curricula, 的 大学档案馆 & 特殊的集合,以及一个健壮的 馆际互借服务. The JKM library also houses both group and individual study rooms and an extensive 24/7 space. New undergraduate students are assigned a Personal Librarian who will guide 的m through 的ir first semester. Librarians are available all hours 的 library is open to answer questions, 协助研究项目, 并在信息景观中导航.

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Photo of four Chatham students exiting 的 library on 的 University's 足球外围盘官方网站.

教务处 & 可访问性资源

Chatham is committed to supporting you with 的 学术 and accessibility resources that you need to succeed. 教务处 & 可访问性资源 (OAAR) offers a wide array of 学术 and disability support services for 的 entire Chatham student population.

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Chatham University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities who are admitted through our admissions process. 大学全力支持 美国残疾人法案 as Amended (ADA-AA) 2008 and Section 504 of 的 Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The University’s goal is to make its programs and facilities available to all students.

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照片显示的是一个年轻女子和同伴说话的背影, 谁在关注对话. 他们之间的桌子上有一台电脑和一部作品.


Tutoring is available for 的 majority of courses offered at Chatham, and are free to all students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate level courses. 辅导通常是一对一的, and students set 的 agenda by bringing specific questions or concerns to each appointment. 取决于导师的可用性和需求, students are typically limited to two hours of individual tutoring per week. Chatham students can view 的 current schedule and make a tutoring appointment by logging into 的 OAAR调度器.

查塔姆辅导政策(PDF) :棋盘-辅导服务
Photo of students watching a professor write notes on a whiteboard.


补充说明(SI) is a specialized form of tutoring that is targeted at traditionally challenging courses, 比如生物和化学. SI Leaders are students who have done well in 的 course and are recommended by faculty. SI的时间表每学期都有变化, based on 的 semester's course offerings and instructor requests. Chatham students can view 的 current schedule and register to attend SI sessions by logging into 的 OAAR调度器.

查塔姆国际研究所政策(PDF) :棋盘10 -补充说明(SI)
Two Chatham University students sit on a green grass 学术 quad, working toge的r on a laptop.


Academic coaching is an especially useful strategy for students struggling with pervasive issues such as time management, 拖延症, 心理健康障碍, 成功的动力, 和目标设定. 在一起, students and an 学术 coach will identify issues and create a plan to modify 的 frustrating behaviors.

预约教练 :棋盘11 -学术指导
Photo of a student looking towards an instructor off screen in a lecture hall and taking notes


College courses require a higher level of 学术 技能 than your high school classes did. 使用 OAAR调度器 to make an appointment to discuss ways to improve your time management, 做笔记, 学习技巧, 和更多的. 我们还提供几个自定进度的在线研讨会, which Chatham students can self-enroll in at anytime by logging into Brightspace 搜索“OAAR学术支持工具”.

Photo of a group of male Chatham University students huddled around a few laptops and working toge的r


Foundations of Effective Writing (IND101) is a course that introduces students to 的 essential 技能 necessary for 成功ful learning in college. It is required for conditionally admitted first-years and transfer students, but any student can choose to enroll in this one-credit course. Participants in this class master and practice 技能 within 的 contexts of 的 学术 courses in which 的y are currently enrolled.

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